Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

EDI Coaching for Congregational Leaders

Credence coaches leaders to assist them in navigating the important and sometimes challenging conversations associated with supporting congregations with moving forward well with their EDI commitments. Coaching conversations can include embracing the leadership role associated with EDI, addressing systemic challenges and engaging conflicts that arise over the course of becoming an EDI-focused congregation.

Mediation and Facilitation Related to EDI

Differences in understanding regarding EDI alongside painful lived realities associated with experiences of inequity can create complex dynamics and highly-charged emotions, leaving those involved with deep hurt and pain. To address these concerns, Credence provides both mediation and facilitated conversations to allow concerns to be raised in a manner that invites participants to hear and learn one another, building bridges of understanding that lead to organizational healing, restoration and change.

Workshop: Transforming Power, Privilege, and Prejudice: Building Equitable, Diverse and Inclusive Workplaces and Communities

Recognizing that our social structures and personal biases can get in the way of our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion, this interactive workshop engages themes of power, prejudice, and privilege in a manner that honours all voices in the room while also challenging the biases and structures that privilege some over others and damage the possibility of healthy, diverse, and equitable relationships and congregations.

Credence proposes both changemakers and congregation leaders participate in the workshop to better support the congregation and the implementation of the action items proposed and committed to by the EDI Committee. The 4 or 7-hour workshop is designed to take place over two 2 or 3.5-hour sessions.

EDI Committee Formation & Project Planning

Credence helps congregations to start and sustain EDI Committees with the mandate to maintain a strategic focus on EDI while implementing EDI initiatives, providing direction and guidance regarding EDI policies, programs, events, workshops, and other strategic initiatives, to support the development of an EDI environment and an EDI culture. Credence draws from the data developed by the Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Benchwork (GDEIB) study to support its EDI work with congregations.

EDI Assessments

Credence recommends that congregations engage in congregational EDI assessments to better understand their current EDI strengths and identify gaps related to EDI. An initial EDI assessment sets a baseline for congregations regarding their EDI capabilities; subsequent assessments measure progress related to EDI. All EDI assessments are tailored to match the unique congregational contexts Credence serves and, if desired, to differentiate between leaders and staff. Credence partners with Lunaria for the provision of quantitative EDI assessments. In some congregations, Credence supplements quantitative assessments with qualitative interview processes to deepen congregational understanding of the perspectives related to EDI.

EDI assessments:

  • Provide an anonymous mechanism for staff and leaders to share their perspective regarding EDI; 
  • Identify organizational strenghts and challenges related to EDI;
  • Develop a baseline on which to measure progress; and
  • Provide guidance for tailoring EDI initiatives. 

Credence prepares and provides a report to congregations following the completion of each assessment.

Policy Development and Review

Thorough and thoughtful EDI and related policies are used to support the creation of healthy cultures, preventing problems before they begin. Credence works with congregations to develop policies that support the development of equitable, diverse and inclusive cultures. Policies are also used to guide staff and congregation leaders when they are involved in complex situations. Sound policies create something like a “guardrail” to guide those leading congregations to become EDI and to navigate challenging situations.

Post-Investigation Restoration related to EDI

Experiences and allegations of harassment and/or discrimination related to EDI present a significant challenge for those directly impacted by the allegations, for leaders managing these situations, and for the congregation as a whole. Credence steps into these dynamics to support individuals and congregations following a harassment and/or discrimination investigation. Activities to restore congregational health are determined in dialogue with the congregation and are tailored to meet each congregation’s needs. Restoration activities can include post-investigation coaching for any parties involved or impacted by the investigation, congregational health assessments, mediation, restorative circles, facilitated dialogue, workshops, etc.

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