Online Learning

Developing Your Craft (DYC) is a proprietary online portal where we offer short, consumable content modules providing conflict management tools and practices that you can immediately put into practice.

Online Learning – On your time

Developing Your Craft (DYC) is an online portal which brings together the collective knowledge of all Credence consultants into bite-sized, time-boxed virtual workshops and learning modules.

Many of our clients use DYC to continue their work with us after experiencing our workshops or services. DYC was born out of a desire to assist leaders in becoming the best they can be and creating a culture of learning and growth for the clients we work with. For this to be achieved, access to learning opportunities must be available.

Online Learning – For your specific needs.

Are you looking to improve your leadership and conflict management skills and gain some new communication strategies? These workshops have all been designed specifically for those who are looking to build their capacity in the areas of conflict management and leadership development. The content of these workshops is configured to support you in your journey as you strive to become the best at what you do.

Would you like a Consultation?

Occasionally organizations come to Credence with a generalized sense of malaise, not sure what they are looking for. Credence provides consultation services in these situations; listening carefully, asking questions, and helping organizations distill down to their most appropriate next steps.

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