Congregational Renewal, Visioning, and Discernment

Congregational Renewal

Our congregational renewal sessions are designed around careful listening, engaging dialogue, and planning strategies that allow participants to be clear about who the congregation is, where they are headed, and how they will get there. Congregations leave sessions with clear statements and actionable strategic plans.

Change Management

We come alongside congregations engaged in change to assist with an overall strategy to manage the logistics of change, the relational dynamics awakened in change contexts, and to support leaders as they navigate the changing norms, roles, and expectations associated with change.

Board/Council Development

We provide training to Boards on how to understand the role of the Board/Council with respect to governance, congregational vision-setting, building healthy relationships with Clergy/Denominational leadership bodies, and leading effective Board/Council meetings.

Policy Development

We offer support in the areas of policy review and development regarding themes such as Performance Management, Harassment, and Discrimination Prevention, and Dispute Resolution.

Research & Writing

We design research projects involving data reviews, interviews, and focus groups that allows congregations to review data and poll constituents for their perspectives on critical questions for which organizations require a wide range of insight.

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