Conflict, Communication, & Organizational Health

Organizational Health Assessment

Many organizations begin their relationship with us with a request for an organizational health assessment. During assessments, we listen to organizations, teams, and their leaders regarding their strengths, challenges, history, patterns, structures, and organizational goals. With this, we offer a review of the organization’s health and make recommendations regarding possible interventions for enhancing organizational health.

Mediation, Circles, & Conflict Transformation – Interpersonal & Group

Our commitment to healthy workplaces and deep regard for those with whom we work defines our work with individuals and groups in conflict, as we support those involved to identify and address concerns, develop strategies for change and cultivate effective working relationships.


With a spirit of care, insight, and clarity, we investigate allegations of harassment and/or discrimination, making a decision whether a breach of statute or policy has occurred. As appropriate, we also make recommendations for possible actions organizations can take to restore organizational health following such allegations.

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