Conflict, Communication, & Congregational Health

Leadership & Conflict Coaching

We come alongside leaders interested in building thriving congregations by
encouraging leaders’ strengths and supporting the development of leadership
insights. For those experiencing conflict, we create a safe space for self-
reflection, learning, and skill-building regarding both existing and anticipated conflict challenges.

Facilitation & Decision-Making

Our team has a unique ability to see the big picture while paying attention to
critical details related to congregational and relational health. With this, we
support churches and their leaders to navigate tough conversations and make
difficult decisions. Credence designs and facilitates meetings that allow
congregations to efficiently and effectively achieve a cohesive sense of direction.

Mediation, Circles, & Conflict Transformation – Interpersonal & Group

Our commitment to healthy congregations and deep regard for those with whom
we work defines our work with individuals and groups in conflict, as we support
those involved to identify, and address concerns, to develop strategies for
change and cultivate effective working relationships.


With a spirit of care, insight, and clarity, we investigate allegations of harassment and/or discrimination, making a determination whether a breach of statute or
policy has occurred. As appropriate, we also make recommendations for possible
actions congregations can take to restore health following such allegations.

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