Privacy Policy

L3 Group (operating as Credence & Co.) and its Consultants are committed to protecting your personal information

• We collect only the information needed to provide the requested services. This will include names and contact information, responses to interview questions obtained by phone, in-person or through electronic means;
• We strive to record information that is accurate;
• We use the information we collect to provide the requested services, for the collection of statistical data and for ongoing communication with L3 Group.
• We store and retain information such as reports and recommendations;
• We do not store and retain results of interviews after the report has been presented;
• We share your information:
o Only with those you have given us permission to share with, and/or;
o As required by law; and,
o Within our confidential Consultants’ meetings as a means to grow from the learning we have done with you;
• We protect your information against loss or theft through physical and electronic security measures such as locked filing cabinets, accessing electronic data only through secure passwords etc;
• We respond promptly to any concerns expressed by you about our privacy practices.
• Our Managing Partners are also the Privacy Officers for L3 Group.